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Image by Evie S.

"I'm a poet of the worst kind there is. I'm happy. And that's sad."

Lucão is the author of 5 books , 3 of which are poetry, 1 novel and 1 chronicle. He teaches creative and literary writing courses across the country. He is also a columnist for the newspaper O Popular and has a literature program entitled "Two fingers of prose and verse" on Rádio Difusora.


Lucão, 37 years old, graduated in Publicity and Advertising at the Federal University of Goiás and since he was 16 he has nurtured a love for writing. In 2006 he began to publish his poems, becoming one of the participants in the movement that spread poetry on the Internet. Today, he is a professional writer, writes daily and is followed by more than half a million readers on the networks.


Lucão's writings are recognized for their play on words and also for their lyricism. He is a poet of simplicity, willing to find poetry in details.  

Books are available at bookstores and online shopping sites. Around here, on the Shop tab, you can buy some of the books dedicated by the author himself (limited stock). To know all of Lucão's books, click here.

"a little bird
when you learn to fly

know more about courage

that of flight."

"What if the days ended in love

maybe the days didn't even end."

"Living is an eternal farewell

what we are now

what will we be for


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