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Image by Kévin et Laurianne Langlais


"Reading is an inexhaustible source of pleasure, but, oddly enough, almost all of them don't feel this thirst." (Carlos Drummond de Andrade)




Everyone loves to read. Most just don't know what.


When I discovered my love for reading, at age 15, I discovered a world that had not yet been introduced to me. I had discovered my way of liking books.

During life, we are introduced to books in different ways, either to study, sometimes to work, develop a specific skill, research or get information. These are common and unavoidable types of readings. But this is not the reading that normally gives us pleasure. To enjoy reading, you have to live a memorable experience with books, like someone who tastes food and never forgets the taste. That's how we also discover who we are, what we like and what we can't stand, reading books that move us. Pleasant reading is an intimate activity. When you're clear about what kind of book you like, as well as what you don't like, you find out more about yourself. Reading is discovering yourself. This is the great treasure of reading, discovering, the world and yourself.


I say all this to invite you to discover a little more about pleasurable reading with me in my Reading Club. It's free and simple: every two months we choose books to be read at the Club. For two months we debated and exchanged content about reading, with reviews, highlights and observations from you about the work read. And at the end of each bimonth, we meet in a virtual room for a chat, with guests, friends and your participations.  


To participate in this pleasant exchange, just sign below, with your name and email, to receive the Club's information and links to the meetings. Easy, lightweight and hopeful. Finally, Club participants will also have access to some exclusive benefits, such as discount coupons for books, courses and more. Not lose!

Welcome to our Reading Club!

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